What is "It's Time to Fix Stupid?"

There's a strange thing happening in our country.


As the average education level of americans has gone up... the average education level of our elected officials has gone DOWN.


In 2011, Kansas had the third-least educated state legislature in the nation, with 16 percent of its members with no college. Today, we're still in third place--but 25 percent of our legislators do not have a college degree.


Now, we don't expect everyone to be as educated as the top 33 percent of our population--but we do expect our leaders to demonstrate at least a lick of common sense now and then.


Does anyone really think that's happening in Topeka right now?


Have you had enough?


In March of 2015, a group of nine friends launched the Facebook group It's Time to Fix Stupid. Talk quickly grew to starting a Political Action Committee.


Then things got a little complicated.


We got a call from the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission saying our name "needed to be expanded to better reflect what we were trying to do".


This went back and forth until we found out we could get around the law by forming a non-profit--for which the PAC would be an official arm. So, we became the It's Time to Fix Stupid Foundation.


Why a foundation, you ask? 


Well, we figured "Inc." sounded too corporate. And someone, somewhere might see "Syndicate" and think, "See, that's organized crime". 


So, we became the It's Time to Fix Stupid Foundation.


What to do?


Then came the next task--with so many possible targets, who were we going to oppose?


We decided to let the people of Kansas make that call.


From April until June last year, we asked Kansans to nominate those members of the Legislature they wanted us to oppose.


When the dust settled on June 10th, 35 members -- 1/6 of the Legislaure -- were on the ballot.


In August 2015, Kansans "went to the polls"... and these are the results (minus the six who were taken out in August of this year):


The Opponents

A list of candidates running against our "Stupid Tuesday" nominees


Lest we forget our most-nominated candidate:

A Box of Rocks





And last but not least...

The Fallen

Those candidates nominated, but who won't make it to November:

Join us

Help defeat these candidates! Contribute, or become a part of It's Time to Fix Stupid

Our targets

The five state legislators Kansans told us to fight

Where it goes

How your contribution fights stupid in Topeka.

Contact us today!

It's Time to Fix Stupid-Kansas

P.O. Box 2783

Wichita, KS 67201


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And, for those who prefer PayPal:

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